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Shipment expected after 15 September 2023

In these pages you will therefore find all the productions that we offer and already carry out for the main well- known luxury brands.

We hope that this work can be a source of inspiration for all who daily live in the world of luxury, design and art, since the emotions activated by visual and tactile experiences with printed paper – as for us at Tipografia Altedo – can also be creative sparks for our clients, designers, stylists and managers.

  • Kit composed of:

    - Outer 3 mm white cardboard packaging, emboss printed tone on tone and hot stamped. V-groove cut.

    - Allineamenti Book, size 14 x 21 cm, a selection of vision artworks that best describe our aesthetics and our technological innovation.

    - With compliments card, 14 x 21 cm size, laser marked and cut.

    - TIPOA poster, folding poster, offset printed on black paper with custom-made Pantone metal blends.

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